The Yale Young Global Scholars (YYGS)耶鲁全球青年学者项目






The Yale Young Global Scholars (YYGS) Program was founded as a small pre-collegiate summer program thirteen years ago under the name Ivy Scholars. YYGS has now expanded to accommodate 600 participants and currently runs three distinct sessions: Science, Policy, and Innovation; Politics, Law, and Economics; and Studies in Grand Strategy.


Summer 2014 will be the first year of the Science, Policy, and Innovation session, which will focus on understanding and confronting emerging global challenges in the areas of public health, environment, and energy.


The 2012 name change from Ivy Scholars to Young Global Scholars reflects the program’s continuing mission to educate increasing numbers of international students and to expose students from the United States and abroad to global issues, international affairs, American government in comparative perspective, and policy leadership. In summer 2013, 40% of participants came from outside of the United States. Countries represented included China, Brazil, Turkey, India, Singapore, the United Kingdom, and Mexico, as well as Myanmar, Tunisia, Kenya, Peru, the Dominican Republic, Poland, Afghanistan, and many more.


The program is highly selective and gives students an unforgettable summer experience. To give students room to flourish in a new learning environment and to explore new academic interests, YYGS does not offer course credit, nor do students receive any quantitative evaluation during or after the program.



The YYGS application requires:

  • △  resume / activity list
  • △  official school transcript
  • △  two letters of recommendation
  • △  unofficial standardized test scores, if available (these are not required)
  • △  two 500 word essays (1. Why do you want to be a Yale Young Global Scholar? 2. What would you contribute the Yale Young Global Scholars community?)



  • △  简历/活动清单
  • △  官方成绩单
  • △  两封推荐信
  • △  如有的话,非官方的标准考试成绩单(非强制)
  • △  两篇500字的文章(1.为什么你想参加耶鲁全球青年学者项目? 2.你能给这个群体做出什么贡献?)


Applicants to the program must have some high school to complete after they attend the program, and we accept applications from current high school sophomores (US grade 10) or juniors (US Grade 11) only, or international equivalents. YYGS does not accept applications from current junior high school students (US grade 8) or current freshman (US grade 9), or from students who are under 15 years old. The program also does not accept applications from students who are current high school seniors (US grade 12), high school graduates, or college/university undergraduate students.