Our Guidance Services


Admission to the most prestigious American universities requires both solid packaging and a thoughtful plan.


If your aim is to attend an Ivy League or a Top 30 schools In US, your child will need not only four years of hard work and education equivalent to what students gain at an American high school but also a strategy for the extracurricular activities in which they will participate, the summer programs they will attend, the volunteer work they will do, and the clubs they might want to join. If students wait until the end of their junior or beginning of their senior year to consider these options, then merely packaging your application well is not enough.


For various reasons, Chinese parents may not fully understand the way the American school system operates, and their doting parenting may nurture children who do not fully develop a sense of individuality or the ability to look after themselves. Even those Chinese children who study overseas at American high schools may not understand the admissions process because, whether through cultural or linguistic barriers, many are hesitant to ask their high school guidance counsellors for information and clarification. In addition, high school guidance counsellors are unable to provide the most in-depth and personalised advice to each student because counsellors are burdened by the sheer number of students they are assigned, as well as the limited time with which to communicate with their students.


Taking these circumstances into account, PrincetoNow provides personalized counselling services that include high school guidance programs and admissions information tailored to your child’s specific needs and circumstances.


Our Application Consultation Services


Drawing up a Plan and Tactics for the Application Process

The requirements for applying to American universities may vary from person to person, and so we tailor our strategy to each student’s circumstances. In accordance with each student’s personal interests and hobbies, PrincetoNow will draft and implement a set of strategies for approaching and fulfilling the application process.


Choosing a School and a Major

Through our informative process and frequent interactions, our counsellors gain a full understanding of each student’s specific circumstances in order to provide thorough, detailed advice for selecting appropriate schools and a major. Since the schools that our students attend will greatly influence the way they are taught and the atmosphere in which they mature, our experienced and capable counsellors take this process seriously and understand that it requires much deliberation in order to assist your child in selecting the ideal major at the most suitable college.


Standardized Testing Referrals

The best students come from the best teachers, and PrincetoNow only recommends the best teachers. To perform well on the SAT, ACT, AP, and other related standardized tests requires the ability to think deeply and critically, and to teach these skills requires that ability and more. All of our recommended teachers are proven, experienced, and dedicated.


Application Essay Guidance

Chinese students often don’t understand how to discover the highlight of an experience and to craft an engaging essay based on that experience. It is not so essential that the topic is unique, but that the viewpoint is outstanding. Our counsellors are skilled in not only finding these “highlights” but also guiding their students toward understanding how best to frame their subject so that the essay most effectively presents their best qualities.


Interviews and Cultivation

In many cases, whether or not a college accepts an applicant comes down to the interview, and it is not enough to simply “try one’s hardest.” Rather, the success of an interview depends on knowledge of various interview techniques, as well as frequent practice. Many of PrincetoNow’s specialists were themselves once interviewers for Ivy League universities and, as a consequence, are well-acquainted with the various intricacies of the process, allowing them to provide the most qualified advice, preparation and service.


School Visits

We help students organize their school visits and arrange for the best timing so that students are able to explore the greatest number of schools within their limited time.


Letters of Recommendation

Letters of recommendations are not included in an application to merely gild the lily; rather, they may contribute as a deciding factor. Selecting who to compose the letters and from what angle to write the recommendation is an important skill. PrincetoNow provides expert advice to ensure that each student’s recommendation letters enhance their application and increase their opportunities for acceptance to their choice colleges.