In addition to our core counselling services, PrincetoNow especially understands the unique challenges Chinese students face when applying to university, and takes steps to ensure each student receives the time and attention necessary to complete a successful application. Here at PrincetoNow, we go above and beyond.




Before even beginning applications, the counsellors at PrincetoNow set aside time devoted to getting to know each of their individual students thoroughly during the “Intake”.



Our Intake process consists of three sessions designed to personally get to know each student. These questions are designed to allow the student to open up and share their personal background, stories, goals, etc.— far extending beyond just learning their interests and hobbies. This extra step is vital in assisting them in choosing where they will apply, their university major, and most importantly, writing the personal statement and all other essays to supplement their applications. In addition, it allows our counsellors to begin working with their students early-on, fostering a tight-knit relationship that only enhances the counsellor-student mentorship.


Editions and Revisions

We understand that students will not achieve a polished essay the first time— or even the second, third, or fourth. Unlike our competitors, we do not put a limit on how many times an essay can be edited, revised, or even re-written. This allows for us to work with our students to ensure that their unique stories are all told accurately and creatively. PrincetoNow recognizes the integral role essays play as part of the application, and we view these essays as not just another written submission, but as an exclusive piece that paints a complete picture of each student. We go the extra mile and keep working with students until their essays are not only complete, but have reached their best quality.




The Writing Workshop

Chinese curriculum focuses mainly on testing, thus Chinese students do not receive much guidance on essay writing. What’s more, college application essays differ from typical academic essays, and naturally knowing how to tailor one’s writing to this style can be difficult, even for native-English speakers. 


To assist students with this obstacle, our Writing Workshop is held during the Spring for students who will be applying in the Fall. Taught by our native-English speaking counsellors, the Writing Workshop will give students the opportunity to not only learn about the types of essays they will encounter when applying to universities, but will also offer them the opportunities to practice writing before application season begins. Types of essays include the Common Application prompt, “why” essays, and other supplemental essay prompts. Our PrincetoNow counsellors will guide students through the writing process, equipping them with skills that they will take with them to university.