PrincetoNow Education ( is a forward-thinking education consulting company operating in the cities of Shenzhen, China and Princeton, U.S. We are a startup company among the booming education industry in China that aims to improve students’ opportunities to enter prestigious American educational institutions, as well as to prepare them for success during their time at undergraduate institutions and beyond.


Our services fill in the gap created by traditional Chinese education by providing inspiration and guidance to our aspiring Chinese students during one of the most critical periods in their lives: the college application process. Since the inception of our Shenzhen office in 2012, our success with students and our phenomenal growth have fully validated our vision.


The continued success of PrincetoNow is founded upon its stellar reputation and exceptional quality of service. We strive to build a highly qualified consulting team, which consists of accomplished graduates from Princeton, Harvard, Yale, Columbia, Cornell, MIT and many other top tier institutions. The founder of PrincetoNow, Jay Ding, is a scientist by education, having obtained his Ph.D. in Physics from State University of New York at Stony Brook in 1997. Dr. Ding enjoyed a successful academic and management career spanning many years at the Brookhaven National Lab, in Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, as well as working for some Fortune 500 companies. Then, in 2004, Dr. Ding began educational counseling services for American Born Chinese and Native Chinese students from Mainland China to help them gain admissions to Ivy League and other top universities in the United States.


Job Responsibilities:


PrincetoNow seeks full-time educational counselors to fulfill the following duties:

  • ◆ Guide talented and motivated students along every step of the college application process
  • ◆ Interview students comprehensively about their talents and interests
  • ◆ Help students develop, edit, and polish their application essays
  • ◆ Design and implement educational programs and workshops
  • ◆Conduct relevant educational, marketing, and competitive landscape research, to include exploring expansion opportunities and strategic partnerships




Interested candidates should meet the following criteria:

  • ◆ Possess excellent written and oral communication skills and exhibit an above-average aptitude for emotional intelligence
  • ◆ Be naturally self-motivated and independent, yet also team players, eager to collaborate and share information
  • ◆ Demonstrate a proven ability to work well with high school students
  • ◆ Enjoy an entrepreneurial mindset, fortified by the drive to work efficiently in a startup environment
  • ◆ Have a keen interest in higher learning and education reform in China




  • ◆ Bachelor’s Degree obtained in the U.S.
  • ◆ Copy of diploma and/or coursework transcripts
  • ◆ The ability to provide at least one creative writing sample, one published print or blog article, and a 500 words essay on why we should hire you
  • ◆ Two job and personal references including contact information
  • ◆ The ability to work 40+ hours/week, with flexible work hours
  • ◆ Two letter(s) of recommendation; at least one should be from a former employer or superior colleague, if discretion is required
  • ◆ Copies of all relevant credentials and certificates, including, but not limited to, TEFL, TOEFEL, CELTA documents, as well as any other relevant and desirable trainings, including software, lifesaving, nursing, or other licenses.




We offer flexible working hours and a competitive compensation package, including a base salary with bonus, plus a housing stipend, subsidized travel allowances.


In addition, one of the greatest perks is the opportunity to live in China, and to experience first-hand a country that has seen rapid social, cultural and economic changes over the last twenty years.


As part of the PrincetoNow team, you will work closely with Chinese colleagues and Chinese students. From this exposure, you will gain a fascinating and highly marketable perspective on life, work and education in China.


We seek to promote managers from within our organization, as we expand our operations in both China and the U.S..




Our Shenzhen office is located in the heart of mainland China’s melting pot, bordering Hong Kong. You’ll enjoy access to the best in dining, shopping, entertainment, arts, and museums in both cities. Employment with PrincetoNow may also provide you with business-travel opportunities to other Chinese cities, a compelling opportunity from which to observe the full diversity of urban to rural lifestyles in today’s China. This may include periods of advising in Guangzhou, Beijing, Chengdu, and Shanghai.




We welcome applicants with a diversity of backgrounds and interests. Excellence in oral English, professional writing skills, experience in leading classroom or online education, and leadership responsibility as a team manager or trainer are all desirable attributes and advantages. While the aforementioned career benchmarks are likely to support your success as a PrincetoNow educational counselor, not all of them they are absolutely required.


You will need, however, to be able to pass a criminal background check. Similarly, your personal finances should be in good order.


To learn more about current opportunities at PrincetoNow, please contact Jay Ding at