• •  你想参加有真正有含金量的暑期科研项目吗?
  • Do you want to participate in a summer research project that has a real gold content?
  • •  你想在世界一流实验室与顶尖科学家一起进行课题研究吗?
  • Do you want to work with top scientists in a world-class lab?
  • •  你想写出可以参加美国Intel科研大奖的论文吗?
  • Do you want to write a paper that will take you to the Intel Research Awards in the United States?
  • •  你想获得顶尖科学家出具的申请世界一流大学的推荐信么?
  • Do you want to get a recommendation from a top scientist to apply to a world-class university?
  • •  你想和来自哈佛、麻省理工、斯坦福的学长们学习生活在一起吗?
  • Do you want to live with students from Harvard, MIT, and Stanford?
  • •  那还等什么,马上报名参加RSI•清华暑期科研项目吧!
  • So what, just immediately sign up to participate in RSI • Tsinghua summer research project now!


RSI•清华(The Research Science Initiative Tsinghua)是一个为杰出中国高中生设计的独特暑期科研项目(内容涉及科学、技术、工程和数学领域,简称STEM)。学生将参加一周RSI麻省理工学院著名校友和清华大学教授执教的大学难度课程,然后由清华大学的顶尖学科导师进行一对一指导,进行为期五周的最前沿和个性化的STEM课题研究并完成课题论文。学生将熟练掌握科学研究中的每一个步骤,从文献检索到原创实验的课题设计、具体操作和数据分析。这六周将成为学生一生当中最为忙碌和充实的六周。

RSI • Tsinghua(The Research Science Initiative Tsinghua) is a unique summer research program for outstanding Chinese high school students in the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) . Students will attend one week of RSI’s prestigious college degree program which is taught by the alumni at MIT and the professors at Tsinghua University, followed by a one-on-one coaching session from Tsinghua University’s leading academic tutors for five weeks, which will be at the forefront of STEM research and totally personalized. Students will master every step of the scientific research, from literature search to the original experimental design of the subject, the specific operation and data analysis till completion of the project papers. These six weeks will be the busiest and most fulfilling six weeks during a student’s life.


本项目由美国精英教育中心 (CEE)和清华大学主办,将在全国范围严格挑选60名已完成中国教育体制下高一、高二或同等教育水平的持有中国护照的优异在读高中生。欢迎在理工科方面(数学、物理、化学、生物、电脑和工程等)有特长且英语优秀的同学报名参加。项目申请费用为150美元,项目本身费用为一万美元,此费用涵盖为期六周的项目开支和学生食宿费用,但不包含学生从所在城市到北京清华园差旅费用。申请材料、流程、申请费和表格可登录了解。

This program, organized by CEE and Tsinghua University, will select 60 high school students who have completed 10th grade, 11th grade or with the same level of education under the Chinese education system. Students who are proficient in English and have talents in science and engineering (mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, computer science, engineering, etc.) are welcome to register. The application fee is $ 150, and the project cost is $ 10,000 which covers the six-week program expenses and student accommodation expenses, but does not include the travel expenses from the host city to Tsinghua University. Application materials, processes, application fees, and forms can be found at or





RSI academic staff will guide the students throughout the whole process on Tsinghua campus.The research leadership team includes prestigious professors, excellent counselors, teaching assistants and consultants from top US universities such as the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Tsinghua University. These advisors, assistants and consultants are current RSI alumni at the top universities in the United States (Harvard, MIT, Stanford, etc.). The consultants will stay with the students to help students and answer questions about American university study, life, and applications, etc.





The research team is composed of scientists, mathematicians and engineers at the forefront of Tsinghua University. They will work with the RSI program supervisors and staff to guide the students’ research projects. The research project emphasizes the originality of research. Each project is built on the basis of individual interests. Students participate in a variety of academic lectures by the top experts in the fields of science, mathematics, business and humanities.





The RSI Global Alumni Network is also an integral part of the program. RSI • Tsinghua students can join RSI’s activities on world-renowned companies and top university campuses, access alumni-specific websites, obtain the personal recommendation letters from the top experts in the research field to facilitate the applications to the top undergraduate or graduate programs in U.S.. The strong RSI global alumni network will have a significant impact on undergraduate, postgraduate studies and career opportunities in the future.