2017 RSI•清华申请须知

2017 RSI•清华申请须知(Application note for RSI-Tsinghua)



Chinese students who completed the first year of high school and  with a specialization in English before this summer.


Chinese students in citizenship, has completed the tenth grade, eleventh grade, and have science and engineering talent, and fluent in English

2,项目时间地点(Time and place of the project):


The RSI•Tsinghua High School Summer Research Project will be held on the campus of Tsinghua University in Beijing.


3,选拔方式(Selection method):


Student selection will be finalized by the RSI Review Board. The jury consists of American educators, scientists and RSI alumni.


4,申请截止日期(Application deadline):


The time of Beijing on January 19, 2017 at 23:59.


5,申请材料递交方式(Application submission):


Application forms and letters of recommendation should be submitted online, and transcripts can also be sent in paper form.

电子邮件地址(E-mail address):rsitsinghua@cee.org

邮寄地址如下(The mailing address is as follows:):


8201 Greensboro Drive

Suite 215 McLean

VA 22102。


Please post before the deadline (including the application date).


6,录取通知日期(Admission notice date):


Notified by email in late January 2017


7,营地时间(Camp time):

待定(To be determined


8,RSI•清华官方网址(The official website of RSI•Tsinghua ):

申请主页面(Registration homepage):


申请通道链接(Register channel link):



9,申请费用(Application fee):


The application fee is $150 and will be submitted with all application materials.Payment by GiveDirect(https://www.givedirect.org/give/givefrm.asp?CID=2069)or PayPal(https://www.cee.org/paypal-donation)After submitting the application, the application fee will not be refunded.


10,项目费用(Project cost):


The camp costs $10,000 and is paid after admission. This fee includes a six-week course fee and student accommodation, but does not include travel expenses from the host city to Tsinghua University.


11,获取更多信息请联系(For more information, please contact):

a)CEE的国际战略和校友参与经理,hcurry @ cee.org

CEE’s International Strategy and Alumni Participation Manager hcurry @ cee.org

b)美国普顿教育总裁Jay Ding博士(Jay Ding,Ph.D,普林斯顿教育学院院长),RSI•清华中国区负责人(RSI负责人•清华中国),jding @ princetonow.com

Dr. Jay Ding, President of Princetonow  Education (Jay Ding, Ph.D, Dean of the Princetonow Education), Head of RSI Tsinghua China (RSI Leader • Tsinghua China) jding @ princetonow.com